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We are committed to assist you in understanding and managing your periodontal concerns through high quality care in a comfortable safe environment.

Periodontal symptoms can be confusing. Dr Darviche has a gentle compassionate approach.
She listens to your periodontal worries and creates an individualized plan for you.

We want you to have positive dental experience, feel better and look your best. We believe that a healthy smile is a beautiful, confident smile.

Why Is Gum Health So Important?

Signs Of Gum Disease

Bleeding Gums
Bitter Taste
Receding Gums
Loose Teeth
Bad Breath
Our gums have such an important role to play in our lives. They help support our teeth and give us a beautiful smile. They help us to speak clearly and they also give our face its shape and contribute to our appearance, self esteem and personal confidence.

Bleeding gums, bitter taste, loose teeth and receding gums are all signs of gum disease.

Gum disease may be confusing for many people because it doesn't hurt until it progresses to more advanced stages.

General dentists and hygienists often identify that there are gum problems.  It is their role to identify disease. It is our role to treat your disease and support you in healing and in health.  Don't overlook these silent indicators of disease.

"Our Practice Philosophy"

Our practice philosophy is to heal disease beginning at the mouth for better overall health.  We promote better health, appearance and your best aging through the control of inflammation.  We practice whole body understanding reuniting dentistry and medicine through collaborative awareness.

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